This global high-end D2C fashion brand sought to future-proof its best-in-class customer experience, seeking an improved order management system (OMS) as a key component of its strategy. The company knew that an optimized customer-centric approach requires the real-time ability to view when and where all product is available.

The company had multiple legacy warehouse management systems (WMS) effectively functioning as its order management system. The brand was seeking a way to join those disparate applications together to form a single source of order management that could provide a comprehensive view of available stock without sacrificing the effectiveness of its legacy WMSes.

In order to prove the value of the new system, the brand required rapid deployment of plug-and-play functionality between the new OMS and their various WMSes. It also wanted to add new OMS capabilities, including click and collect and ship from store.



Ayata tailored a customized implementation of Fluent Commerce that integrated with the company s existing WMSes while functioning as the sole source of order management for the brand and adding new functionality including ship from store and click and collect.


Ayata leveraged a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to improve time to market. To de-risk the implementation, the company chose to begin in Eastern Europe and in a single Scandinavian country, most of which were new markets for the brand. This allowed it to implement the new solution and prove its value and effectiveness without disrupting its existing core markets.


Thanks to the success of the initial implementation, the company soon rolled out ship from store and click and collect in all of its markets, expanding from an originally planned 7 countries to 12 within the first year alone.
The solution provided the brand with a new ecommerce presence in markets where it previously had none.
The brand realized increased sales and revenue through its new ship from store and click and collect functionality.
The company was able to improve its utilization of existing stock across markets thanks to the new ship from store functionality.
The brand reported a decrease in customer support call-ins thanks to the availability of real-time inventory data.