Breitling SA is a luxury watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland. The company, known for its precision-made chronometers, was founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling.

To meet changing demands, Breitling decided to migrate to an updated order management platform with a headless architecture. The new system enables them to accommodate peak demands and scale operations as needed, while optimizing their customer experience.

Breitling faced an all-too-common challenge: their inventory was fragmented across various channels, preventing them from providing their retailers and customers with a comprehensive view of available stock. Individual outlets were only able to see the stock for their particular warehouse or store, making it impossible to check whether a given product might be available elsewhere in the company's network.

The limited quantity of each of Breitling's high-value products exacerbated these visibility issues, which were particularly problematic for the company's ecommerce offering. When stock was provided to the company's stores, it disappeared from Breitling's ecommerce inventory, making it seem to customers visiting the company's website that those items were no longer available.



Ayata implemented Fluent Commerce to provide Breitling with a single consolidated view that displayed inventory from all of their channels both internally and to online customers.


Ayata took a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to this project in order to ensure a fast time to market and rapid ROI. The solution went live in its first region within two months, and was online across all of Breitling's key markets within four months. The strategy delivered value in the short term while laying a solid but customizable foundation for the future.


In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of inventory levels, Ayata also focused on optimizing order orchestration journeys, enabling ship from store and click and collect capabilities, two hallmarks of efficient inventory management.


Ayata implemented customized fulfillment logic to prioritize where the inventory was used first, enabling Breitling to shield store inventories from online purchase as needed.


Ayata provided customization for a Breitling brand-specific requirement, adding the ability to record the serial number of each product within the inventory system.
Thanks to the new system, Breitling is now able to maximize sales through effective utilization of stock across all channels.
The solution was rapidly deployed and scaled to Breitling's global markets, proving its value within a very short timeframe.
Breitling directly attributed a multimillion-dollar increase in sales to the new system within three months of implementation.
Rajesh Shanmugasundaram
Head of omnichannel and system integration
"Agile principles and a full DevOps approach of our combined teams made it possible to go live with Fluent Commerce in record time, including the integration with the newly activated ERP SAP S/4HANA. With Fluent Commerce, we will further accelerate our ecommerce and retail product and customer at the centre of our technology transformation."
Antonio Carriero
"Digital has changed the way the business needs to respond to customers."