Composable strategy development

Nothing we do is one-size-fits-all. We work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of the challenges you face and what makes your offering unique, then implement the processes and tools required to pinpoint the most effective vision and strategy for growth, operational efficiency, and a robust future for your business.

Strategic Roadmap Development

Business Vision and Goals

Commerce Operations Maturity Assessment

Experience Design Strategy

Cutting-edge design implementation

Your branding, content, user experience, and visual design are key to how your customers experience your unique vision. We manage all aspects of design and implementation to ensure a high standard as well as consistency across all aspects of your business.

UX Design

Visual Design

Strategy and Ideation

Branding + Content

Digital customer experience management

We specialize in managing and optimizing all aspects of the digital customer experience, enabling you to optimize customer interactions and satisfaction. Every element is fully composable, ensuring that you only use the components you need, and everything we do is seamlessly integrated with your legacy solutions and services.

Virtual Assistants

Digital Sustainability

Customer Feedback

Conversion Rate Optimization

Innovation in the marketplace

We empower you not only to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, but to respond with agility to ongoing changes in the industry. Our cutting-edge technology, tailored to the unique needs of modern digital businesses, enables you to transform routine customer interactions into memorable experiences that actively inspire brand loyalty.


Software as a Service


Agile Development

Data, AI, and analytics

With extensive engineering expertise, we manage all aspects of data engineering, ecommerce analytics, demand sensing, and generative AI for everything from content creation to data synthesis.

Machine Learning

Data Warehousing

Predictive Analytics

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The Commerce Connected approach focuses on the organisation, processes, data and technology helping drive Consumer Engagement, frictionless transactions and Operational best in class digital retail.

Connected Commerce Connected Commerce



View Case Studies
The dashcam manufacturer's close collaboration with Ayata enables a massive growth in D2C sales and a rapid expansion into 19 countries across Europe and North America.
Emma responds to the challenges presented by its rapid growth with a new and transformative ecommerce solution that vastly improves customer engagement, leading to a 98 percent reduction in customer contact center call-ins.
The rapidly growing nutrition company quickly deploys a customized order management system that easily handles the addition of new geographically distributed warehouses, massive surges during flash sales, and a complex variety of order types and priorities.

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