This Swiss chocolatier, operates 500+ retail locations alongside online stores in over 120 countries worldwide under their brands. In 2023, the company s annual revenue grew by more than 10 percent to CHF 5.2 billion.

With a unique, outdated legacy platform, they urgently needed to upgrade to a best-of-breed solution that could scale more easily and integrate seamlessly with third parties. They also wanted to add several new customization options, including custom wrapping paper and personalized cards, which their legacy platform was unable to support.

While some of the company s warehouses are dedicated to a single brand, others are shared between multiple of their brands. Any additional functionality such as custom wrapping paper or cards had to be deployed across the company s offerings, allowing the same customization options to be offered by the full range of brands. Particularly at peak times like Christmas, their order volume can be massive, requiring the ability to scale rapidly to deliver items on time. The company needed to support a more efficient fulfilment process that allowed warehouses to group items for picking in order to enable faster delivery.



They selected Fluent to transform their order management process. The implementation enables the company s new offerings of personalized cards and wrapping paper to be integrated seamlessly throughout each brand s fulfilment process, and will make it easy to add new functionality in the future.


Fluent enables this brand to group orders in waves, maximizing efficiency by printing a large group of pick lists at once and gathering items in bulk before separating them into orders for shipment. To ensure that expedited orders are given priority, orders can easily be filtered by delivery type and expected delivery date.


Ayata s work with them has expanded beyond an initial project-driven focus on implementing Fluent to a continuous improvement cycle with biweekly sprints and new releases every month. That change exemplifies Ayata s emphasis on actively working to build trust and a true sense of partnership, rather than simply delivering a product.
Ayata s Fluent implementation allows them to scale easily in response to surges in demand, eliminating any concerns about its ability to maintain service levels at peak times like the Christmas holidays.
Fluent now easily supports a wide range of customization, including personalized cards and wrapping paper, as well as any additional functionality they might require in the future.
The new implementation provides them with a comprehensive view of inventory across the company s three brands, hundreds of retail stores, and multiple globally distributed warehouses.