This Retailer, one of the UKs leading sofa retailers, operates 100+ showrooms across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The company s online presence is key to its offering – in the year leading up to June 2022, their website received an average of 2 million unique visitors per month.

This retailer s fulfilment process is extremely complex. The company supports a wide variety of order types and sources, including products manufactured by themselves and by third parties, as well as orders delivered by itself and by third-party logistics companies. That requires careful coordination in real time between a range of warehouses and delivery processes.

Those processes are complicated further when (as is often the case) a single order includes products manufactured this retailer as well as products manufactured by third parties. To ensure rapid delivery of orders regardless of complexity, the company needed a system that could coordinate fulfilment as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The company s website provided shoppers with a limited view of product availability, making it difficult for a customer to determine where a given item might be in stock. They needed to consolidate inventory management across showrooms and warehouses, both for internal use and for customers to access online. They turned to Ayata to streamline their processes and to improve their customer experience. They wanted to simplify management of their diverse range of fulfilment types to ensure that products are delivered to customers as quickly as possible, regardless of the combination of sources and manufacturers involved.



Ayata deployed Fluent OMS to help this brand manage their complex fulfilment processes and to improve their inventory management across geographically dispersed warehouses and locations.


Ayata developed and implemented customized fulfilment rules tailored to their unique needs, enabling vastly improved fulfilment speeds for orders that combine manufacturers, sources, and delivery methods.


While this retailer initially sought a rapid rollout of Fluent only for deliveries handled by third-party logistics companies, they soon realized it should be used for their own deliveries as well. Ayata easily adjusted the implementation on the fly to meet their changing needs.
The new implementation has significantly reduced the turnaround time required for deliveries, shortening the wait in many cases from months to a matter of days.
Fluent OMS now gives this retailer and its customers a consolidated view of all inventory, making it easy to determine where products are in stock, regardless of location.
The implementation gives them the scalability needed to meet surges in demand at peak times, ensuring that a rush of orders doesn't lead to delays in delivery.