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Fluent Commerce’s cloud-native distributed order management system is unique. Fluent Order Management (Fluent OMS) is the first cloud platform that can be customized to fit your omnichannel fulfillment strategy.

This means you can offer all the fulfillment options customers expect, but also keep the processes that make your business unique. What’s more, it’s flexible. So you can fine-tune your processes over time, and react quickly if market conditions change. Fluent OMS lets you quickly adapt business processes and decisions to manage fulfillment locations and networks of locations. This means you can change which networks can fulfill specific order types (delivery or pickup), or quickly take a network offline – based on the preferred business outcomes. You can also configure what stock you make Available to Promise (ATP) and create custom fulfilment rules based on customer loyalty status, product attributes, the size of an order… the list is endless.




30+ Fluent Projects Implemented


80+ Fluent Certified Employees


3-4 wk Fastest deployment time


Standard Discovery

  • Our Discovery journey starts with a Kick off session where we discuss the broad challenges that you are trying to solve. We sit down with you and your Business team and look at the big picture and what you are wanting to achieve rather than specifics.
  • Following the Kick off session, we will then produce a tailored workshop programme required depending on your needs, business model and short to long term desired “To Be” functionality.​
  • Typically, our discovery phase will last between 4 to 6 weeks with 2 to 4 workshops per week. ​
  • You will have have access to a dedicated team consisting of a Consultant, Tech Lead and BA to support you throughout the Discovery journey. ​

Fast Track Discovery

  • Our Fast Track Discovery model can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. ​
  • The first session will consist of discussing the current ‘As is’ business process and main pain points within the order and fulfilment journey.
  • Based on this, we will then produce with a strategic workshop plan to achieve your MVP plans and get you up and running in no time! ​ ​



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OOTB Features

  • OOTB Home Delivery or Click & Collect
  • Order orchestration workflow per market
  • Fulfil from store or warehouse
  • Real time product availability
  • Global and Single view of Inventory
  • Track order journey from order placement, throughout pick, pack, dispatch & delivery / collection Trigger events to upstream / downstream systems to facilitate customer notifications, alerts, reporting
  • OOTB Customer Service Front End web App to track order status
  • In-Store Pick and Pack WebApp
  • Manage Arrivals in store and Collections via webApp
  • OOTB Returns, appeasements and dashboard
4 to 6 weeks
Light Custom Features icon

Light Custom Features

  • Extend Order orchestration to new markets / regions, with separate order workflow ​
  • Mixed basket (click and collect vs home delivery)
  • Automate manual processes such as fraud checks, order remorse status​
  • Split shipments based on product type or product availability location​
  • Manage product or category exclusions, including buffer stock levels
  • Add custom attributes for products, orders, locations and use them on your business logic​
  • Extend the Web App and allow for Order cancellations, pause an Order from being fulfilled, add filters ​
  • Customise the Dashboard to allow for more specific entity tracking
6 to 12 weeks
Tailor Made Features icon

Tailor Made Features

  • Accept Backorders and pre-orders
  • Order Exchanges
  • Optimize delivery times by choosing the nearest location with available stock​
  • Order ETA calculation​
  • Allow Refunds ahead of Returns
  • FOC Replacements​
  • Order and returns for bundles products​
  • Service only orders such as appointment booking ​
  • Digital products such as gift cards and subscriptions product type
12 to 20 weeks


Jamie Cairns
Vice President, Global Channel Sales
"Ayata Commerce’s understanding of order management is unrivalled! Combine that with the team of certified consultants there is no surprise why they are the leading agency when delivering Fluent Commerce projects. Their focus to deliver the platform with configuration versus customisation shows the commitment to keeping the power with the client!"