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Ayata has multiple excellent partners, all selected specifically for the quality and efficiency of their technology.  Collectively they provide everything you could ever want or need as an omnichannel retailer optimised for the digital age

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Industry leading

Choosing technology which enables customer success as quickly as possible is important, therefore we have built relationships with industry leading technology providers who we think are a good fit for us from a cultural and technological point of view. 


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We partner with some of the best ecommerce developers and implementers in the world to help brands innovate and succeed. Our partners offer hundreds of composable elements you can incorporate into your platform to help you increase your sales, customise your shopping experience and let you connect with your customers.

Our partners play an essential part in determining the shape of future development plans and product enhancements based upon implementation feedback and potential for growth.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type="1_6" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][et_pb_image src="" title_text="Amplience - provides a robust CMS through their Dynamic Content product and UI-extensions, advanced scheduling functionality, preview capabilities, and integrations which enable your team with unparalleled control over your digital frontend experiences." url="" url_new_window="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_image][et_pb_image src="" title_text="Attraqt - measure every element of customer acquisition, retention or buyer journey. Create richer, integrated brand experiences, cross channel, over multiple site visits. Real time personalisation. Advanced onsite search. Engaged Shopper Journeys." url="" url_new_window="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_image][et_pb_image src="" title_text="SAP - one of the largest and most successful enterprise resource planning software companies in the world alongside Oracle and Microsoft. Founded in 1972, as Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung, this venerable software giant has expanded into many areas spanning CX, Data Science, Field Service, and Configure Price & Quote." url="" url_new_window="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" min_height="153px" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type="1_6" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][et_pb_image src="" title_text="BigCommerce - looking for a reliable and open SaaS platform? Look no further than BigCommerce. BigCommece has the ability to fuel your enterprise B2B or B2C site, without the cost or complexity of an enterprise solution. This platform has the ability to serve as a headless base, allowing your business to remain scalable for the f" url="" url_new_window="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_image][et_pb_image src="" title_text="Exponea - a customer‑centric platform, combining advanced data analytics and omni‑channel campaign execution. Exponea helps maximize profits and optimize marketing spend by targeting the right customers with the right content at the right time." url="" url_new_window="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_image][et_pb_image src="" title_text="Frontastic - with its Frontend-as-a-Service, Frontastic is rethinking the digital customer experience. Radically based on “mobile first”, the solution enables ambitious online retailers, brands, marketplaces or even agile start-ups to easily implement customer centricity with minimal IT effort. Within a short period of time, Frontastic has successfullyestablished itself as the new standard front-end solution for the API economy." url="" url_new_window="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type="1_6" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][et_pb_image src="" title_text="Fulent Commerce - provides real-time inventory information which allows retailers to have a complete overview of their inventory providing more transparency to the end-user. For customers, this means they receive their orders faster and more efficiently. Retailers are able to reduce fulfillment costs and provide improved customer service, resulting in increased sales and customer retention." url="" url_new_window="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_image][et_pb_image src="" title_text="CommerceTools - a software technology company that focuses on microservices and APIs to facilitate easier commerce experiences and continued growth over time. A subsidiary of Rewe Digital, they are a fast-growing entity that offers platform solutions to increase eCommerce growth for businesses." url="" url_new_window="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_image][et_pb_image src="" alt="Bring together content, data, and services seamlessly in your platform. Integrate your tech stack to orchestrate and deliver great digital experiences across channels in an agile way." title_text="Magnolia CMS - bring together content, data, and services seamlessly in your platform. Integrate your tech stack to orchestrate and deliver great digital experiences across channels in an agile way." url="" url_new_window="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section][et_pb_section fb_built="1" module_class="blurb-block dark circle-bg" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" custom_padding="40px||40px||false|false" global_colors_info="{}"][et_pb_row column_structure="2_5,3_5" make_equal="on" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][et_pb_column type="2_5" module_class="custom-row override" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][et_pb_text _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" custom_css_main_element="display: flex;||align-items: center;" global_colors_info="{}"]

What our partners say...


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"Ayata Commerce’s understanding of order management is unrivalled!

Combine that with the team of certified consultants there is no surprise why they are the leading agency when delivering Fluent Commerce projects.

Their focus to deliver the platform with configuration versus customisation shows the commitment to keeping the power with the client!"

Jamie Cairns, Vice President, Global Channel Sales

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“It’s critical for retailers to build out the right ecommerce ecosystem. Consumer expectation continues to grow and with the changing market conditions that we have all experienced in the last year, the stakes are at an all-time high. Competition is fierce, and to achieve differentiation and win the hearts and minds of the shopper, retailers need to assemble the best technology for what is required. We welcome our partnership with AyataCommerce as further validation of our ability to deliver the very best product discovery experiences for our joint customers.”

John Raap , Chief Strategy Officer

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We know that a complete ecommerce solution is multifaceted, once you have a core system of your choice in place these additional partners are ready to offer technology which will take your online presence to the next level. 

Whether it be a Point-of-sale platform, search engine or review system our partners have you covered; offering a range of headless, easy to use architecture to chose from you can build a complete experience for your customers. 

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