Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where do you think the company will be in five years?

AyataCommerce is growing rapidly in the ecommerce domain under a strong leadership team of visionaries, not only by retaining our existing clients, but also by hitting new markets and acquiring new clients across the globe. We have a realistic roadmap. We are monitoring the market closely and expanding the scope and focus of the business periodically. In five years, we are aiming to be one of the most valued global team of digital transformation experts.

What are the core values of the company? 

At Ayata, we strive to hire the best; we value passion, curiosity, innovation, integrity, openness, excellence, respect, inclusion and collaboration. Our core philosophy is people over process. We are a team first, and a company second.

Does the company accept funding? 

We have not accepted any external funding as of now, and we run solely on revenue. We affirm a strong capital base.

How secure will my job be going forward? 

We hire as per our project requirements and we do not leave people on the bench. Our project tenures are usually 3 to 5 years and hence the retention rate of employees is very high .

What training can I expect during or after onboarding? 

We provide Comprehensive Induction and Project-specific trainings during the first month of the employment. Every year, brand-new skills emerge. At AyataCommerce, we encourage continuous learning and support employee growth alongside professional development.

Does the company provide in-house professional development? 

Yes, we encourage acquiring domain-specific certifications at the cost of the company, with prior approval only.

Can I attend professional development outside of the office?

Yes, with prior approval only.

Does the company offer support for obtaining advanced certificates/degrees?

Yes, with prior approval.

What does a normal day in the position entail?

Flexi hours apart from the team meets during the daytime.

What is the retention rate like? 

~ 100%

What is the mode of work?

We follow a hybrid work structure where employees can work remotely or from the office, as needed, based on demands of business, specific tasks or personal work preferences.

What is the Leave policy? 

Best in the industry, based on local statutory of each geography.

What is the official work week and weekend?

Work week : Monday to Friday Weekend  :  Saturday and Sunday