Emma, the world s largest direct-to-consumer (D2C) mattress brand, sold 1.5 million mattresses worldwide in 2020 alone. Founded in 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany, the company has expanded to more than 30 countries across 5 continents. While Emma sells 80 percent of its mattresses online, its mattresses are also offered by more than 200 retailers in 3,500 stores across the world.

Emma is on a sharp growth trajectory. By 2021, they sold over 200,000 mattresses per month, and their resulting annual revenues of €645 million represented a 59 percent increase over the previous year. However, they found themselves dealing with an unreliable legacy ecommerce system which was unable to keep pace with their rapid growth.

Committed to providing their customers with the best shopping experience they could offer, Emma urgently needed to transition to new, future-ready technology. With their legacy systems restricting business change and preventing efficient scaling, Emma decided to seek a digital transformation, seeking a flexible, scalable solution that could meet the needs of international fulfillment. This meant consolidating multiple technology suppliers into a single platform capable of supporting diverse and often complex fulfillment logic across a variety of markets.



Ayata rapidly deployed and integrated Fluent Commerce order management alongside CommerceTools as part of a digital transformation initiative that enabled a wide range of new fulfilment functionality.


Ayata s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach enabled the rollout and full deployment of Fluent Commerce to their first market within four weeks, and their second market two weeks later. This fast time to market gave Emma the confidence to continue to deploy rapidly in other markets across the world.


Ayata developed and implemented complex and tailored fulfillment rules for specific markets as and when they were needed during deployment.
A scalable, robust, and flexible platform for ecommerce and fulfillment supporting both direct-to-consumer and B2B business models.
  A powerful tool with the flexibility required to deal with the variety of rules of fulfillment in Emma s wide range of markets.
A tangible increase in sales due to improved inventory tracking and visibility.
A striking improvement in customer engagement, reducing customer contact center call-ins by 98 percent thanks to clear inventory and order visibility.
Andreas Westendorpf
CTO, Emma Sleep.
" Emma is on a steep growth trajectory with the aim of doubling in size every two years. Ensuring we have the best technology to support this strategy is critical. "