What International Women’s Day means to AyataCommerce

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s important we look at the amazing work women are doing and reflect on how we can ensure that we as a company remain inclusive, never shying away from our responsibility to make life easier for our employees. At present, 32% of AyataCommerce is comprised of women, including 44% of our management positions and it is diversified between internal, external, and client facing ones. Our target for next year is to increase the percentage of our female staff to more than 40%. We provide professional development training programmes to our employees throughout their career and encourage an environment of continuous learning alongside the development of new skills.

While AyataCommerce continues to grow, we ensure our commitment to our values remains strong, we believe in passion, innovation, and inclusivity. We know from experience that bringing together a diverse range of people also helps us perform our best, whether it be delivering great services, helping our clients, or realising our ambitions to make Ayata the best it can be.

We strive to further the development of educated women without compromising between family and work. We do this via offering Hybrid work options through our officially declared Work From Anywhere policy introduced in 2018. We offer flexible working hours which fit each individual employee and offer complete freedom to let them choose their place of work (Home, the Office, a café, a Boat or anywhere they wish).

While it’s fantastic to support and celebrate our female colleagues International Women’s Day also offers the opportunity to examine what still needs to be done and how we can help that. We continue to build a friendly and open culture, we aim for a tight-knit, collaborative feel; an environment where people feel comfortable to voice discomfort or concern and contribute. Moving forward we will continue to preserve this culture and build a safe, healthy environment for women to grow and pursue their careers.

As we proceed through this year, we are more committed than ever to equality, diversity and building a strong work culture which survives contact with the outside world.

But we know that International Women’s Day also offers the chance to make sure women’s voices are heard, so we asked some of our employees how they felt about working at AyataCommerce:


Jane Seaton
Head of Delivery

"I feel very proud on showing there are roles at a senior level for women. Everyone should have the opportunity to develop and achieve their career aims regardless of their gender, and it is assured in AyataCommerce. There is absolutely no glass ceiling.

I am also pleased that we have a lot of very bright women developers in our team - development is not a male only role! I also think the culture is supportive, if anyone has an issue they can raise their hand and ask for help. I also feel that Ayata is very caring to our customers and always wants to do the best for them.”


Cindy Lee
Technical Lead

“My voice is always heard!

 I appreciate that my input and opinions has been valued and respected by the team, and I have been treated as a professional person as everyone else. Hence, I love working with people - both colleagues and management, brainstorming ideas, and solving problems together. My voice is always heard.” 


Aneena Shinoy
Lead Engineer

’I enjoy the liberty of choosing my work hours

 I enjoy working in AyataCommerce where there is ultimate sense of equality in terms of opportunities and recognition. I have always been given new and challenging opportunities where I could explore the best in me. Yet, this hasn’t affected but improved my work-life balance because Ayata offers a very flexible environment in terms of time and location. 

I was able to cut down most of the overheads that comes along with a 9-6 office job. I had the liberty of choosing my own work hours based on my convenience.”


Ruth Ann Varghese
L&D Coordinator

“I found self-actualization here! 

 With sheer joy I influence and pass on the cultural values of the company to the interns and employees I interact with. The cultural value that appeals to me the most is the culture of Empathy, especially because empathy is my own favourite personal value as well. I achieved the need of self-actualization here. 

In addition, the flat hierarchy practice in Ayata stands out, since everybody in the firm is always approachable and available. There are no blocks on the way, which makes it a smooth journey.”

Paromita Bannerjee
Director -People India

“A 100% retention rate!

It is not surprising to me that AyataCommerce holds an employee retention rate of 100% for all these 6 years, coz this place put forth trust and transparency to its employees. Every detail is shared in our All-Hands Meetings which ensures a sense of job security among people who work here. 

It is also a place where we do not need to put any extra efforts to ensure gender ratio in both top level management and employee end. Personally, I am proud to drive the equal opportunity culture from the front row.”

Sonia Antony
Senior Technical Writer

“It is a judgement free zone! 

With two toddlers at home, like many women I also have thought of taking a career break. But with AyataCommerce I do not have to compromise my work or family time. I could choose the work hours based on my kids’ routine and I am really a proud working mother. 

The people here lend ears to any issue a newcomer/experienced can face, regardless how silly the issue can be. It is totally a judgement free zone. This place is transparent, open, and respectful. There is a sense of mutual trust that encompasses freedom.”